Backyard Aquaponics – eMagazine Edition 1


The First edition of the Backyard Aquaponics magazine is always going to remain a free publication, it contains a stck of information that can help you get started in aquaponics. Details about some of the articles are available below along with some sample pages. This edition is available as an electronic magazine for immediate download. The download file is a pdf file approximately 5MB in size.



Magazine Articles

What Is Aquaponics
The basics of just what aquaponics is all about. Writen by Joel Malcolm about his experiences and the knowledge that he’s gained over his years involved in experimenting with aquaponics.
The Nitrogen Cycle
The nitrogen cycle is the essence behind aquaponics , the power house behind how it all works. This article explains the indepth process of nitrification.
The Start Of An Obsession
A general article about aquaponics, reflecting on the possibilities of aquaponics being used to feed people with produce grown in their own backyard.
Jade Perch
Jade perch are an excellent fish to grow in an aquaponics system. They are widely available down the east coast of Australia, and grow very quickly.
Road Testing Pumps
Road testing of equipment will become an important component of the magazine. In this first issue we road test the ebara optima pump. In future issues we will road test further equipment.
Healthy Fish Are Happy Fish
Keeping fish generally requires some basic knowledge about fish, and their requirements including temperature levels, disolved oxygen, ammonia levels, and all other things effecting the health of your fish.

These are just a few of the articles you’ll find in the 5th edition, below are a few sample pages to look at.

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