The IBC of Aquaponics




We’ve released a manual about building an aquaponic system from IBC’s or Tote container. An interactive PDF document that’s 187 pages packed with information and examples of different systems people have built using IBC’s as a major component of their system.If you are looking for information about aquaponics, this is 100% free to download.

The manual is broken down into a number of different sections.

What is Aquaponics – A basic description of aquaponics.

Guide to Aquaponics – Some more in depth information about aquaponics including detailed information about what you need to think about when setting up a system.

IBC’s an Introduction – Some basic information about IBC’s

Building an IBC System – A step by step guide to building a simple IBC system.

Member system – Here we have many examples of different aquaponic systems built by the members of the Backyard Aquaponics forum.

Reference – Nitrogen cycle, Frequently asked questions, glossary, planting guide, and much more.

As the document is interactive, it means you can click forward and backwards through the document with ease. There are also direct links to members forum threads so that you can visit the forum and read the latest about members systems. We’ve turned 20 of the systems in to Google sketchup 3D models, these can be downloaded with the click of a button so that if you like a particular system you can download it to see if it will fit in the space you have available. You can also modify it to suit your own needs.

All in all a great way for someone to start their aquaponics journey, this manual with give you all the basics of aquaponics, along with some great ideas on how to set up your very own system for very little outlay, building with recycled components. The document is rather large considering that it’s 187 pages filled with many images so the download pdf is about 38MB, so for those with slow dialup connections it may take a while to download, but it’s free and you only need to download it once.

We have now set up a lower resolution version of the document, so it’s now under 14MB.

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